Friday, April 5, 2013


...I felt I needed to re-visit New Look 6150 because my first try with it  ended up a wadder even though it was a muslin.  I cut the muslin too large, and it was plagued with major gaping in the bust area.

Mmmmm,what can I say about my newly finished top - well I'm not absolutely pleased, but I do feel that it will get some wear.  I fixed the gaping problem so the fit is much, much better, but I guess the pattern is must not be for me.  The construction is good, I made sure of that - even though I knew half way through the project that the style was just not me.  It's not awfully terrible and there's no way I'm trashing this great jersey knit - at least not right away.

The fabric has a navy lace print on an off white background.  Fabric suits me, style does not.  It just seems a little matronly to me.  It might make it into work wardrobe rotation  - I'm not sure.  If not it will
certainly work for those "I've got to make a quick run to the store" trips.  Guess you can tell that I'm not feeling to chipper about it.

I do have a nice pattern refashion project coming up next so keep your fingers crossed for me...


  1. You know how sometimes a garment has to grow on you for one reason or another? I hope this will be the case with this one...

  2. the blouse looks great, there are cetain styles that just doesn't work for me either gues this will be part of the fun of the challenge not knowing till it's done lol!