Sunday, April 28, 2013

Still Pants Muslining... took me an entire week to get back to my pant's fitting task because the week was so very busy.   By the time I got home each evening I was so pooped that I thought it best not to sew - so didn't.  In the meantime I watched two pants fitting videos - the one that was very helpful was from the Thread's Fitting DVD series, for waist and hips) and another one (which I won't even name) wasn't so helpful.

Taking the information I gathered from the Thread's DVD,  I took the changes made to muslin #1 (from last week), transferred them to my pattern, and made up muslin #2.  I was willing to sacrifice time for this extra work because I truly believed that it would yield great results.  Here's Muslin #2, and  I'm satisfied with the results.


The muslin is comfortable sitting and standing (in fact, I'm wearing it right now).   I only had to try it on three times opposed to the usual 10 to 12 times (no kidding).  Could the muslin be better fit?  I believe that it could be tweaked further if I had the use of extra hands and another set of eyes.  But for my solitary efforts of fitting myself by myself, I think I did a good job.  I feel that I've learned a lot about pants fitting this go around, and am certain that if someone else needed help fitting pants I could be a valuable help.

There are five pair of pants in my summer wardrobe plans.  Hope I have zippers stashed in all the right colors.  Speaking of zippers - I usually pull out a special set of instructions I have for front fly zippers.  Recently I couldn't find my laminated copy and had to wing the zipper insertion.  I found that I've been using the instructions as a crutch.  Oh well, my skills are progressing...


  1. the pants look like they're commig along nicely,I see a a lot are using muslin as a test, I make dolls so you know what my idea of muslin was lol! are you using a regular cotton fabric?

    1. The majority of my muslins are made from old bed sheets. They are super wide. I was able to get two pants muslins from this pink sheet.

  2. Your pants are coming along quite well. I was interested to see how they were going to turn out because I am very interested in pant fitting. I will definately look at the resources you provided.

  3. Looks like you are getting there. Looking forward to seeing the finished item.

  4. Hi Faye - I think the time you have spent will be well worth it and when you have made 5 pairs of pants, will be well returned :-)

  5. Fitting on your own is SO difficult! You've done a great job with the pants. How do you manage to fit so well, especially since every move you make changes the way the pants hang?