Friday, January 4, 2013

StitchSlapped--Vita, Jan 4, 2013

Vita, Jan 4, 2013

After many months of being intimidated by Vogue 1159, I decided to tackle this one.  It's a Donna Karan design--fitted, above mid-knee length dress has front pleated at back dropped shoulder, crossed fronts forming drape effect.  This was the worst StitchSlap I received in 2012

What went wrong: 
I was thrilled at how well it seemed to be coming together even after I took a 45 minute break to work through some intimidating design and construction issues.  Yes, it looks cute on the dress form, right?  The cuteness ends there....  After struggling through the final details of construction, I clipped the final strings and ran to put it on....  I was horrified!!  I can only describe it as an expensive-looking kitchen dress.  What's a kitchen dress you ask...?  I don't know, but that's what I call it.  I looked like Aunt Bee (from Andy Griffith) having a "sexy moment"--the neckline can showcase cleavage.  The criss-cross feature in the front jutted out too far (and, no, it wasn't my gut).  All that fabric twisted and bunched together in the front just wasn't flattering.  The hem hiked up in the back. was NOT flattering to look at from behind.  I'm not positive where it went wrong.  I don't think it was the print because the pattern jacket features a similar print pattern.  I honestly think it may be more flattering in a smaller size (like

What did I learn:  
I won't sew it again, but I do think it's a great dress.  I wouldn't recommend it if you're larger than a B-bra cup.  If you are, you might need a FBA (which is not easy to accomplish with this pattern)--I felt like it was pulling a bit across the front and back.  I would also recommend that you not top stitch as the pattern suggests.  Be careful as well when stay-stitching on a knit.  That created a few problems when attaching the upper back.  I have yet to successfully complete a wrap (or faux wrap) dress.  I will try again.

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