Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What to you think? Wow or traditional?

Hello ladies, I really need your opinion. I went fabric shopping to purchase fabric for my wedding dress that I am making and I am trying decide which fabric will look best. I am trying to make a dress like the one that JLo wore on the red carpet. Which one do you like best? And why?


  1. Ah! You are really a fearless seamstress indeed!

    I like the second fabric one more as the dress has so much going for it already that a print like the first one might not show the dress well.

    That's my 10 cents ..er.. the inflation ;)

  2. Hey Fearless,
    I'm thinking the first one gives it more of an evening gown feel. The second comes across more bridal. But I'll know more when I see it tomorrow!

  3. I like the 2nd fabric. Like Kay, I think it will highlight the design of the dress more than the 1st fabric.

    Best wishes on an amazing dress!

  4. I don't think either fabric will do well with the dress. The dress has so much detail in its design that a fabric with too much embellishment will be overkill. Do you know if her dress was a knit? I can't see a woven hugging curves like that.

  5. Hello Ladies,

    Thank you for your responses. Everyone that I've asked about the fabric favored the second fabric.

    Kay, Mocha Scrapper actually gave me that name. She is the person who taught me to sew.

    Mocha Scrapper, looking at it, I do agree about the evening gown feel. We will have to go do a little shopping to see what other non-traditional fabrics we can find :).

    L, I do believe that her dress is a knit. Her dress does have plenty of detail and is very gorgeous but I was mainly focusing on the silioutte and the design of the neckline (I guess I should have made that clear). Both of the attached fabric choices have a little stretch to them that I believe may work....I am not quite sure yet though. I am still looking for other options :).

    I'll post when I find additional alternatives!!

  6. I think both of the fabrics are nice, but agree with you that the first is more evening and the second traditional bridal--keep in mind I'm a gal who wore a white cotton eyelet wedding dress so I have no problem with thinking outside the box. But for that design, I think what really makes it work is the directionality of the pattern on the fabric. Without those subtle stripes to keep the eye dancing along the dress, it wouldn't thrill me nearly as much. A striped jacquard silk(like) material on the bias would be lovely.

  7. Hi Susan, I completely agree with you that the fabric is what makes this dress so eye catching which is why I am considering doing a different dress altogether. I haven't been able to find that perfect fabric yet but I'll definately look into your recommendation before I completely call it quits :).

    1. I hope I'm not too late to comment!
      First of all: Wow! that you're even attempting something like this is, like, Wow!
      At first I favored the second, like most of us, but now I'm listening to the J'Lo dress and seeing that the comments about the stretch are Right On.
      So, go into those fabric shops and get your excercise by stretching, stretching.
      Please don't give up on the general design because I want to say I know the gal who made That Dress!
      Tina in San Diego

  8. Plus, how does she get her butt to sit so high?
    Sigh ...