Saturday, January 5, 2013

Challenge #1: Sew ReInvented Audrey

A few months ago - I organized my sewing space. And, much to my own surprise - it's still organized. Currently, I'm using a 3-drawer plastic organizer that holds my fabric (inside the drawers), notions and patterns (on top in fabric covered shoe boxes).
Sew ReInvented Audrey - Organized Fabric, Pattern & Notions

Patterns - all patterns are organized by Pattern company and number (Vogue 1st, all others alphabetical). I haven't really tried many patterns, so I'm going to try more patterns before I decide to get rid of any that I have.

Fabric - all fabrics are folded up inside the drawers. I use 3x5 index cards and double sided tape to keep an accurate list of what's inside each drawer. The cards list the color and type, amount (yardage), size, and whether or not it's been pre-treated (i.e. Purple Knit 2 yds (60) <P>). I don't put new fabric in the storage container unless I mark it. If I take fabric out, I mark it when I put it back in.

Here's my fabric:
Knits: Double - 2 colors, 4 yds (60), Crepe - 1 color, 2 yds (52)
Tweed: 2 colors, 4 yds (60)
Cotton: 3 colors, 8 1/2 yds (45), 1 print, 1 yd (60)
Polyester backed Satin: 3 colors, 4 yds (60)
Suiting: 2 colors, 6 yds (45), 3 yds (60)
Crepe Georgette: 1 color, 3 yds (58)
Brocade: 1 color, 1 1/2 yds (52)
Shirting: 1 color, 2 yds
Vinyl (leather look skirt): 1 color, 1 yd

**I bought practically 20 yds of fabric on Black Friday with the intention of sewing more of my own clothes in 2013.

I'm also posting this on my blog along with additional pictures.

Needles Up,
ReInvented Audrey


  1. Hi Audrey,
    You are really organized. I love the idea of the fabric layered shoeboxes for the patterns and keeping your inventory on index cards. I look forward to seeing what you create!!

  2. Wow!!! You really are organized. I love the index card idea. I'm looking forward to seeing your creations, too! So glad you're with us.