Monday, January 7, 2013

CHALLENGE 2: Let's cut some swatches

Okay, so we've inventoried our patterns and fabric stash.

Now, let's make some swatches of all of our fabric and group them together.  If you've never done, I keep it pretty simple.  Cut a 3"x4" swatch of each fabric you have.  I pin them together with a large safety pin.  My blouse/top fabrics are pinned together, my suitings are pinned together, etc.  Do whatever works for you!  We're still getting organized--next challenge will focus our efforts even more!
Note:  I know that some of you are off and running already in your sewing.  Feel free to begin posting if you are completing garments.  Don't feel you need to wait until April to post.  Have fun!  

Here are my swatches...

Have fun!!


  1. What does this help with? I'd never cut a 4" square off the corner. At that point, I might as well just cut a 4" strip, since it ruins your rectangle placement.

  2. Mackenzie, this allows individuals with a large fabric stash to carry their fabric with them for matching purposes. I carry mine in my purse and I pull it out when I go to fabric stores to purchase thread, zippers, etc. Don't worry your fabric will still be alive if you choose to cut a corner. (That was a little jokey joke).

    HAPPY Sewing!!! Our challenge starts really soon!!!