Thursday, January 31, 2013

Burda 7576

I had planned to make Vogue 8772 with this fabric, but I didn't have enough. I love Burda 7576.  It's a great top and easy to construct.  The button loops on the back are a nice feature.  I can't remember the last time I made those.  I hope to be finished with a coordinating pencil skirt by the weekend.  Vita

Monday, January 28, 2013

It's Me-Made Monday!

Share 'em if you wear 'em!  

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My first ensemble of the year!

Hi Ladies,

This is the first outfit of the New Year from the cutting room table.  More details are on my blog.  I love both pieces.  If you've completed garments already, please share!!  Blessings, Vita

Skirt (Vogue 8750) & Top (New Look 6150)

Monday, January 21, 2013

It's Me-Made Monday!

Hi Ladies,

It's our first "Me-Made Monday!"  Thank you Lynn for this fantastic idea.  Our goal is to wear what we've made on Mondays.  Please wear and share! 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Welcome Jackie...yay!!

Hi Ladies,

Please welcome Jackie from Sewing by Jackie.  We're excited to have you with us and look forward to seeing your work!!  

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Yay...Let's welcome Lisa!

Hi Ladies,

It's a pleasure to welcome Lisa who blogs at Sew On and Sew On!  She's an artist who sews, knits, crochets and paints.  Her Jan 8th post will inspire those to want to take their sewing to the next level.  We look forward to seeing your creations Lisa!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Are you up for the challenge (REPOST)

Beginning April 1, 2013, we will begin a year long journey of home sewing!  We're committing to not purchasing clothing for one year.  Instead, we will build our wardrobe by making it ourselves....

Challenging? YES
Impossible? NO!!

Join us.... Leave a comment and your email if you're interested.  Many sewists have already joined us....  How about you?  We'll even invite you to author posts, share techniques, review sewing books, and display your efforts along the way.

Review the challenges that have already started, and look for more challenges in the coming weeks to help you get ready to take your sewing skills to the next level.  More later....

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What to you think? Wow or traditional?

Hello ladies, I really need your opinion. I went fabric shopping to purchase fabric for my wedding dress that I am making and I am trying decide which fabric will look best. I am trying to make a dress like the one that JLo wore on the red carpet. Which one do you like best? And why?

Monday, January 7, 2013

CHALLENGE 2: Let's cut some swatches

Okay, so we've inventoried our patterns and fabric stash.

Now, let's make some swatches of all of our fabric and group them together.  If you've never done, I keep it pretty simple.  Cut a 3"x4" swatch of each fabric you have.  I pin them together with a large safety pin.  My blouse/top fabrics are pinned together, my suitings are pinned together, etc.  Do whatever works for you!  We're still getting organized--next challenge will focus our efforts even more!
Note:  I know that some of you are off and running already in your sewing.  Feel free to begin posting if you are completing garments.  Don't feel you need to wait until April to post.  Have fun!  

Here are my swatches...

Have fun!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013


It’s been ages since I’ve sewn anything grownup
related, I’ve been doing craft shows for over 20 years, been known to quilt once in while which I’m working on two at the moment, today is the day to get everything organized, patterns, fabrics etc. well I have tons & tons of fabric but it’s all more in line for Annie's,

home decor, quilts etc.. what a great excuse to go shopping for my fabric lol!but I have been collecting patterns  just incase I had time to sew up something grownup one of these days and this is what this challenge is all about, sewing for yourself!

Welcome Tina!

Please welcome Tina from Artelicious!  Though she maintains posts about several interests, Artelicious allows her to share her journey towards living an artful life.  This is her year of sewing 13 garments or accessories in a year.  Thanks for joining us!  

Challenge #1: Sew ReInvented Audrey

A few months ago - I organized my sewing space. And, much to my own surprise - it's still organized. Currently, I'm using a 3-drawer plastic organizer that holds my fabric (inside the drawers), notions and patterns (on top in fabric covered shoe boxes).
Sew ReInvented Audrey - Organized Fabric, Pattern & Notions

Patterns - all patterns are organized by Pattern company and number (Vogue 1st, all others alphabetical). I haven't really tried many patterns, so I'm going to try more patterns before I decide to get rid of any that I have.

Fabric - all fabrics are folded up inside the drawers. I use 3x5 index cards and double sided tape to keep an accurate list of what's inside each drawer. The cards list the color and type, amount (yardage), size, and whether or not it's been pre-treated (i.e. Purple Knit 2 yds (60) <P>). I don't put new fabric in the storage container unless I mark it. If I take fabric out, I mark it when I put it back in.

Here's my fabric:
Knits: Double - 2 colors, 4 yds (60), Crepe - 1 color, 2 yds (52)
Tweed: 2 colors, 4 yds (60)
Cotton: 3 colors, 8 1/2 yds (45), 1 print, 1 yd (60)
Polyester backed Satin: 3 colors, 4 yds (60)
Suiting: 2 colors, 6 yds (45), 3 yds (60)
Crepe Georgette: 1 color, 3 yds (58)
Brocade: 1 color, 1 1/2 yds (52)
Shirting: 1 color, 2 yds
Vinyl (leather look skirt): 1 color, 1 yd

**I bought practically 20 yds of fabric on Black Friday with the intention of sewing more of my own clothes in 2013.

I'm also posting this on my blog along with additional pictures.

Needles Up,
ReInvented Audrey

Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcome Susan!

Hi Ladies,

It's time to welcome Susan from The Crouching Camel to the challenge!   Susan is already ahead of the game; she had already made the commitment to begin her sewing challenge at the beginning of the year.  I was encouraged by the insights she shared in her Dec 29th post.

I hope you're all as excited as I am to see so many joining in.  Be encouraged and pace yourself.... It looks to be an exciting year!  Vita

Correction: StitchSlapped experiences posts go here

My apologies ladies....  
I wasn't aware that you wouldn't be able to access the StitchSlapped page without administrator rights.  Consequently, we will post our experiences here instead (please add "stitch slapped" as a label/tag when you post).   We have deleted the StitchSlapped page.  

The guidelines for StitchSlapped post will remain the same.  However, if you would like the .jpeg file for the StitchSlapped logo, please let me know.  I can send it under separate email if you aren't able to right click and copy.  Feel free to include the logo when you have a "sad tale to tell."  Vita :-)


1.  Include heading in the post title(e.g., StitchSlapped: Your name)
2.  Limit photos to three images (e.g., a picture of the pattern and the mess that resulted; you may also include the StitchSlapped logo)
3.  Describe what went wrong
4.  Describe what you learned from it

StitchSlapped--Vita, Jan 4, 2013

Vita, Jan 4, 2013

After many months of being intimidated by Vogue 1159, I decided to tackle this one.  It's a Donna Karan design--fitted, above mid-knee length dress has front pleated at back dropped shoulder, crossed fronts forming drape effect.  This was the worst StitchSlap I received in 2012

What went wrong: 
I was thrilled at how well it seemed to be coming together even after I took a 45 minute break to work through some intimidating design and construction issues.  Yes, it looks cute on the dress form, right?  The cuteness ends there....  After struggling through the final details of construction, I clipped the final strings and ran to put it on....  I was horrified!!  I can only describe it as an expensive-looking kitchen dress.  What's a kitchen dress you ask...?  I don't know, but that's what I call it.  I looked like Aunt Bee (from Andy Griffith) having a "sexy moment"--the neckline can showcase cleavage.  The criss-cross feature in the front jutted out too far (and, no, it wasn't my gut).  All that fabric twisted and bunched together in the front just wasn't flattering.  The hem hiked up in the back. was NOT flattering to look at from behind.  I'm not positive where it went wrong.  I don't think it was the print because the pattern jacket features a similar print pattern.  I honestly think it may be more flattering in a smaller size (like

What did I learn:  
I won't sew it again, but I do think it's a great dress.  I wouldn't recommend it if you're larger than a B-bra cup.  If you are, you might need a FBA (which is not easy to accomplish with this pattern)--I felt like it was pulling a bit across the front and back.  I would also recommend that you not top stitch as the pattern suggests.  Be careful as well when stay-stitching on a knit.  That created a few problems when attaching the upper back.  I have yet to successfully complete a wrap (or faux wrap) dress.  I will try again.

Welcome to "StitchSlapped Fridays!"

Hi Ladies,

It's SEW great to have you all along for the ride :-).  Today, we're introducing StitchSlapped Fridays!  What is StitchSlapped?


  stich-slapd  , noun; 
to have a garment, pattern, or fabric turn rebel and go badly; a sewing do-over; a crafting mess.

Yeah...I made it up myself...but we've all had the experience!  Now's your chance to share....  We will use Fridays to highlight these mishaps, share experiences, and learn from mistakes.  


1.  Include heading in the post title(e.g., StitchSlapped: Your name)
2.  Limit photos to three images (e.g., a picture of the pattern and the mess that resulted; you may also include the StitchSlapped logo)
3.  Describe what went wrong
4.  Describe what you learned from it

Welcome Fran!

Everyone please welcome Fran of Francies Boutique to the team.  Fran is also a quilter and leads a quilting group on eBay.  We're excited to have you along for the journey!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

We have more members!!! Yay!!

Hello everyone, More ladies have decided to join us in our challenge. Please join in welcoming: Juliet of The Crazy Gypsy Chronicles (BTW, I love your profile picture.) Farhana from Farhanasews -Hopefully, this one will work for you better than your 2012 challenge. At least you will have all of us for support. I know I'll need it. :) And Towanda from Life is sew sew good. We are excited to have you all on board and we look forward to learning from all of you. And to all of our seamstresses, if you haven't provided your email and your profile picture please remember to do so.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome Audrey!!!

Hi Everyone,

Our challenge grows again!  Please welcome Audrey of Sew ReInvented Audrey!  Audrey was a busy sewer with clear goals in 2012.  We're excited to have you join us for 2013!   

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Spring/Summer patterns

Happy New Year ladies!!!

I haven't finished organizing my fabric yet, There's just always so much to do. I did purchase a few patterns for my wardrobe and thought that I should share!