Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcome to "StitchSlapped Fridays!"

Hi Ladies,

It's SEW great to have you all along for the ride :-).  Today, we're introducing StitchSlapped Fridays!  What is StitchSlapped?


  stich-slapd  , noun; 
to have a garment, pattern, or fabric turn rebel and go badly; a sewing do-over; a crafting mess.

Yeah...I made it up myself...but we've all had the experience!  Now's your chance to share....  We will use Fridays to highlight these mishaps, share experiences, and learn from mistakes.  


1.  Include heading in the post title(e.g., StitchSlapped: Your name)
2.  Limit photos to three images (e.g., a picture of the pattern and the mess that resulted; you may also include the StitchSlapped logo)
3.  Describe what went wrong
4.  Describe what you learned from it


  1. Hah! Great timing. My latest skirt stitchslapped me right in the face today. I'm off to write what went wrong and snap photos.

  2. I'm not seeing the link to edit the stitchslapped page.

  3. Hi ladies,

    I am not able to post on this blog yet.. Can you add me as a member of the blog please?

    1. Hi Kay,

      I sent the invite again. Please accept and you will be able to add to the blog. Let us know if you have any additional problems.


  4. Tanks Natalea!! I got it, clicked on it and now I can post! Thank you! :)