Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Currently: Darci - Leather Pants


I'm excited to share my first completed project since starting this journey with you all earlier this month.

I wanted a pair of leather leggings/pants. So I made some! :)

The pattern is originally McCall's 6173, but there are so many tweaks and changes that the pattern is probably unrecognizable. I guess the only thing that matters is that the pants fit my body the way I like!

I've made several other versions of these pants (even though the pattern is for leggings), but this may be my favorite (for now!).

Better pics next time! Promise! 
I wore this last night to dinner for the hubby's birthday. My favorite part of the pants are the fit! Second favorite thing is the flat felled seam.

One thing I would change for the next time I make these pants is to increase the width of the fly zipper. It seems a little shallow to me.

Also, just an FYI for anyone interested in making these pants as leggings (aka as they are intended!) - if you're actually using a stretch material like legging are made of, go down a size! The reason this pattern has morphed into a legging/jegging item is because the original leggings I made were LOOSE!
Check all measurements! Especially your ankle since as you can see, these fit around my ankle like slim fit pants, and not a legging!


  1. Darci-- Girl, you look fabulous!!! To start, I love the fabric you used for the pants!! I think having the pants straight versus the legging fit at the bottom compliments your whole look!! Truth be told, I absolutely despise this legging craze that is going around (no offense to those who enjoy them---just not my thing) but the adjustments you made kinda makes be want to pick this pattern up. By the way, the shoes are an excellent addition to your ensemble.

    1. Thanks Natalea! I have to say that I felt fabulous wearing this outfit! :)

  2. They look fabulous on you. What a great job you have done. You are rocking them.

  3. Alright NOW!!! I love that you made it work to fit the way YOU LIKE!! Great job...and I agree that the styling is rocking, too! Look, you had me at "I wanted...leather...!" Go girl!

  4. Great look altogether! Nice fit and accessories!

  5. Your pants are very nice and a great fit too.

  6. An ambitious project but you pulled it off and achieved a look you want. Well done.

  7. Very, very nice and impressive! Nice work!

  8. You did amazing an amazing job on these!! The fit is great.

  9. Thanks for the comments everyone! Can't wait to see what you make!