Sunday, April 14, 2013

Welcome Marjorie and Mary!

Hello Ladies!  

Yes!  We have two new members to our community as our door of invitation prepares to close tomorrow.....  A huge welcome goes out to Marjorie who blogs at Applique Addict and Mary who blogs at Sew Fast Embroidery.  It is our pleasure to welcome both of you to our community!  We're excited you've committed to the journey, and we are cheering you on!!!  


  1. OK gang...I'm counting on all of you to keep me motivated. There are tubs of fabric at my house intending to be clothing.....ready to make it happen.

    1. We're cheering you on Marjorie! You can conquer each tub one piece of fabric, one snip, one stitch, one pattern at a time.... Enjoy the process!

  2. Hi Marjorie, and welcome- glad you have lots of tubs of fabric, I'll bet you are in good company.