Saturday, April 27, 2013

My latest pants for weekend walking.

Hi everyone,

I've been busy making a very practical pair of trousers.  Every so often my husband and I go on a walking weekend.  My old walking trousers have seen better days, and I had some stretch cotton twill leftover from my exercise pants, so I decided to use it to make a pair of very comfortable pants:

And me wearing them:

 For further details about these trousers (what pattern I used and so on), visit my blog:

Happy sewing everyone

Sarah Liz :-)


  1. You have inspired me to create workout wear! You are right when you say we need all types of clothing!

  2. You've inspired me as well. I definitely need work out pants and tops! I am going to start looking for patterns for those really soon. Good job as usual!

  3. Hi Ladies, thank you. I've been filling in the big gaps in my wardrobe :-)

  4. I agree...I want to make some workout wear as well. Great job Sarah!