Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Two projects. BOOM.

I am pleased to announce that I have finished two of the projects that have been holding me hostage for some time now.

Yay me!

First item finished was my color punched sheer blouse, that after a burn test  (I check against both charts to feel confident of my choice) revealed it's not the famous twin sisters Poly and Esther but some sort of rayon blend.
No clue as to why this picture is leaning so hard to the left! 
I also completed my leather dart skirt. And hopefully this ends my semi-obsession with leather. 

Hopefully this ends my leather obsession, even though I'd love to find some ultra thin leather in a line green or neon green. All I could think about that is HOT. (As in sexy, not, you know... sweat.)

Not to fear, this will get a good iron treatment before it gets put on my body. Also, some of the lines that look like pleats or wrinkles are actually imperfections in the leather which I like. It gives the skirt a more rugged, edgy, worn look.

Check out my blog for more pictures and details.


  1. Love your skirt and top. Yes that skirt is HOT. Loving the vibrant colours in the top. Thanks for the link to the interesting article in Threads..... "not the famous twin sisters Poly and Esther" LOL.

  2. Love it! Looks nicer than my purchased skirt!

  3. I love both projects!. I like the blouse especially because I was considering ordering sheer fabrics for long blouses. Looks so professional!

  4. I agree, you have done a lovely job on both these garments. The leather skirt is beautiful.

  5. great job on both, I wouldn't know where to begin with leather lol!

  6. Oh I like that skirt! Can't wait to see you rock it!

  7. Nice job! You can mail that skirt to me at any time. =)

  8. I love that skirt! Great job!