Thursday, April 4, 2013

Welcome Elle!!!

It's a pleasure to welcome Elle to the challenge!  She blogs at Elle C Sews.  It's great to have you Elle--we're cheering you on!  I think all of us can find some encouragement from her "Sign Me Up Ladies, 4/4/13" post....  Happy sewing!  


  1. welcome Elle!love your blog, I think all challenges automaticly cause our brain to go into the can't mode. "try" not to shop & "can't" shop makes it do totally different things lol!I know what you mean about buying new cloths while trying to lose weight, I do't either , I could stand to lose some lol! so I' think I'll take this year to focus on that with you then we can learn to alter lol!

  2. I can't resist teaming up with such a great idea. How do I join?

  3. Welcome Elle. I'm on a force weight loss regime too (due to health issues), so I understand perfectly your sewing dilemma. I figure I have so much stash fabric, anyway, that this is a good way to sew it down, meet the needs of the (hopefully??!!)reducing body, and say goodbye to overpriced/poorly constructed RTW.

  4. Hi everyone, what we need to say to ourselves is we can, not we can't! AND, welcome Ellem

    1. Whoops, Elle not Ellem. First time I have used my phone for comments - not used to the tiny keyboard.

  5. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! Now I just have to decide what to sew first.