Thursday, May 9, 2013

Whatcha going to make? (I like making plans)

One month into the challenge and I haven't made a thing!! I haven't bought a piece of clothing either, but the goal here is to get me sewing...So I'm going to do what I always do - make plans. But this time around, I'm going to declare it to everybody just so that you can feel free to give me a kick in the rear, if I don't  make it.

Now that's established, let's talk more on the plans. The more I see my previous patterns related to plans and carrying them out, I realize that long term plans don't do much to me.. I lose sight of the goal real quick.. but short term goals, quick ones, small ones work well. 

So, In the next 4 weeks, I'm going to make 4 tops and 2 dresses. There! I've said it!  This I say, only because my almost TNT knit top pattern is ready. At least 4 of the fabrics have been prewashed too!  Now I just have to cut up and sew.

Writing that was easy! Posting it was nerve wracking. Let's see what comes out of it!

Meanwhile, I'd love to hear from you..... What's your plan for the next 4 weeks?  Do plans work for you? Short term plans? long time plans? What helps you carry out your plans?


  1. I like sewing 6PAC (found on Stitcher's Guild) mini wardrobes. They keep me focused (for the most part) and don't produce a lot of plan- or garment-fatigue. I once sewed an eleven-piece wardrobe over three months and was bored by the end. Five to six pieces is doable and small enough for me to handle.

    I have a plan all set and ready to go. I just need to find the energy to sit down and sew. I would also like to do a bit of snoop shopping. First, the little terror in the attic has to go.

  2. plans are always good & I've always got a plan, lol! it's the doing part lol!I'm going to try to focus on sewing by the seasons, Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter, I even made a list, don't you just love list & those famous list of the list lol!I have special occasions on my list sounless I can whip something up over the weekend, guess Mother's Day is out for Spring lol!then there's the snoop shopping, I wantta do that just to get to go shopping & try on cloths lol!

  3. I'm like L, finding the time to sew is the problem - the plans aren't. Also, I get bored halfway through as well. Must look up the 6PAC concept. Hope the raccoon finds a new home soon.

    If you are no good at plans, just make one thing. Small steps. One step at a time.

  4. I've been working on a tunic the whole month of April. I had trouble with the long darts on the back. It is now May and I still have to set the sleeves so don't feel bad. I will be going on vacation in a week and was hoping to sew a few blouses and a white dress for the trip but time restraints have prevented me from doing so. Hopefully, I can post a finish garment soon. I like Sarah's tip of taking small steps. I think I will do that going forward. Best regards to all.

  5. Wow! That's so much sewing, and so much clothing! I think that's more than entire year's worth of clothing for me.

    My only plans for the next 4 weeks are to take what I don't wear to Strawberry Festival to be sold as a fundraiser for the Friends Meeting, and to pack up the rest to move into the house I'm buying. In the meanwhile, I'm sure I'll get some knitting done on my stockings, but that's likely to be it.

  6. I'm also following the 6Pac concept at Stitcher's Guild. I've completed a winter and spring 6Pac. It is a good way to avoid orphan garments. I use this concept as a starting point and then add more coordinating garments. My other favorite way of planning is the endless combination plan. I learned this concept from a contest one year on Patternreview. You start with one garment and the next garment coordinates with the first. And so on and so on. This works well if you are easily bored. I use a combination of both concepts.

    The focus of the spring group was to make tops that I could wear with jeans. I worked on making simple garments and it made it easier to sew 6 garments. May was the start of the summer 6Pac.,20669.0.html. I'm working on a set of garments using white as the core color. I'm actually making several 6Pacs this summer. I need casual summer garments and church clothes that will work during a hot humid summer. These concepts have worked well because I've been working on re-building my wardrobe. I still have a few holes but I'm off to a good start.

  7. Love reading all of your replies and plans!!

    I love the idea of 6 PAC / combination wardrobes... I really do! It's just that my fitting skill set hasn't reached that level yet. The only problem is that those have multiple type of garments which also mean multiple fit issues to deal with. So far I've worked out the FBA fit issues for a knit top.... which means I can use that pattern to make knit tops and knit dresses.

    After a big purge in the last 2 months, I'm finding that my wardrobe is seriously lacking in the tops department and summer short sleeved dresses. That's why I chose these for my plan for the next 4 weeks. And it will also help me tweak the fit issues with sleeves.

    yep, one small step at a time. I'll have to remember that.

  8. Im just finishing up some baby clothes for a friend and then I'm starting on my Stitcher's Guild 6PAC as well. I need quite a few summer lounge items so I'm looking to make some coordinated "beach" wear in peach and white for my vacation in July. The sad part is, I had my 6PAC all planned out and then I accidentally tossed the sheet of paper I had it written down on! DOH! I wouldn't worry about having a slow start. Once you get a plan in place it will go by quick!

  9. My goal is to make myself two pieces each month, no matter what it maybe. I have been stuck making things for my grand daughters and I keep forgetting about me. I need to fix that lol