Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hello LADIES!!!

Good morning Ladies!!!

You all have been doing an excellent job with the challenge. I am so excited and encouraged to see so many wonderfully made garments. Please keep them coming!!!

As for me, I have gotten myself in a position where I have been sewing but not getting anything done. I have three shirts cut out, a pair of jeans, and a dress and none of them are completed yet. :(. To add to that, I need to make suits because I really planning on being blessed with a new job soon ;) and I need to look great and Marvita and I may be tackling a sewing project really soon (we'll share more details about that later). My organization will be off Friday-Monday so I plan to use much of that time to finish some of these garments. Matter of fact, Marvita and I are doing a sewing date at her house all day Friday. We'll have snacks and loads of fun!!! Yay! I can't wait!

OAN: Can you believe that I almost forgot that I CAN'T shop!!! Silly me! My mother's church held a bizarre on Saturday and while I was there I found a rack of suits that the first lady brought in to sell. I couldn't believe how many nice suits she had and all I had to do was alter them. Then this little voice in my head said "You can't by those suits, what about the challenge". I then said to that little voice "It's not the same if I am buying used clothing" and that little voice told me "NO, NO, NO!!" and thank goodness I listensed. I don't know if I would have been able to forgive myself for going against my committment. (BTW, I'm really not crazy! LOL)

Anyway, you ladies keep it up and hopefully I'll be posting a few garments next week!

Happy Sewing,


  1. LOL!!!! That is hilarious! I should mention that I had a similar experience this past weekend.... I was invited to be the keynote speaker on a women's day program. I realized two days before that no one ever mentioned whether a specific color was attached to the program's theme. At that point, I realized I couldn't ask the question because if the color was anything other than what I already anticipated wearing, I would be in dire straits. I couldn't buy anything new, and I surely wouldn't whip out a garment in 48-hours without stressing out completely. Instead, I focused on the message God spoke to my heart to share. I walked in Sunday morning wearing Vogue 8543 in black (my Aug 30, 2012 post). And...yep, you guessed it...everyone else was wearing white. LOL...I don't own white anything except underwear! What?! Anyway, the hosts were gracious and I, as the speaker, was easily identifiable...:^)

  2. Oooo...you know you don't go to church when you forget that the pastor's wife is usually referred to as the 'first lady.' You had me thinking Michelle Obama had dropped off some suits. =)

    1. Rotflmbo!!!!! Hahahahaha! That was too funny Lynn!!!

    2. OMG!!! You are too funny. You better believe that if Michelle Obama had dropped of suits I would have had to ignore that little voice in my head. Then I would have come and ask you guys for forgiveness. I think you all would have understood. Lol.

  3. wellllll if you're not shopping for brand new & if you're altering to make them into something else welllll? just trying to help you girl! lol!ok here's what you do, next time you see her, smile with a "did you sell all of those beautiful suites, oh how I'd loved to of had them but I created this challenge...... then just leave it in Gods hands lol!

  4. Thanks Helen! I didn't think of it that way. Lol

  5. Hi Ladies - Just checking in. No, I didn't fall off the radar-yet. I am keeping up with the posts. Got my three best friends-sewing machine, serger, coverstitch-up and running. Took me a while to get going, but last Wednesday, in the middle of the day, I said 'I'm gonna make something'. CS1204 - Dartless Knit Blocks / Slopers XS-6X from Coni's Signature Collection. Slopers were designed to include larger cup sizes. I made two wearable muslins--one from a linen/lycra blend, and the other from a challis. Both turned out rather well. Sorry, didn't take pics, but will take photos after I wash them. They wore well. Still setting up my blog-working out the kinks. I'm on a roll now. Got things lined up for production. Hope to check in again soon!

  6. Hi Natalea - if everything is cut out, then it will end up being sewn up- I find the cutting out the most tedious part of the job, following by threading the machine and serger, followed by interlining, followed by fitting - my mother always used to say no-one would believe you like sewing from the way you carry on!! Then, it all comes together and you start enjoying it....

    Good luck with the sewing up and with your buddy day.

  7. Oh! A sewing date with Marvita sounds lovely! Maybe you can post pictures from the party! I love the sound of multiple machines running at once! Now if only I could stop sewing and spare some time to share what fun I've been having in this challenge! Blog post soon...