Sunday, May 19, 2013


ok so I read so many different versions of the Maxi skirt are all basicly the same, front, back & waa laa  so how hard can this be, it's just a long skirt  for goodness sake, this project could of went in the slapp stich section I kid you not, I measured,  then wrapped the fabric around me twice  then even sized it up with a straight line skirt pattern & they all came out the same size so I was  good to go, so I thought 1st attempt it was 3 times to big so I un do some of the waitband  wack off 2"from each side, still too big this went on  at least three times ,before it was over with I cut it up the back & wacked off 3" from each side , still too big!seems like the more I fooled with it the bigger it got lol! finally gave up & said don't care what I look like I'm a wearing this skirt tomarrow lol! I thnk a lot of the problem is the size of the elastic, it needs to be wider so it'll lay flat, another project for another day!
Happy sewing !



  1. Great job on the skirt! It looks great! Who would have thought you had so many issues with it! Wonderful!

  2. Your skirt looks great Helen. Love the look of the fabric.

    1. thanks Bea Jay, & thnaks for stopping by my Nannas blog hopefully I can figure out this fabric that keeps growing & tweak it to amke it look better lol!

  3. Hi Helen - it must have been a really full skirt. The pattern companies always put sketches on the envelope to sell the pattern, but they are not always quite accurate - next time, hold the pieces of paper up and see how big they are. The skirt is quite full enough now. It does look nice though, and I think it will be one of those really comfy skirts you will enjoy wearing - unlike some garments that look great but don't actually get worn.

  4. Hi Sarah, I'll get this fabric figured out lol!they say hinds sight's 50/50 perhaps I should of made a long sleeveless dress instead lol!

  5. Sometimes just 'going with it' works better than planning! Great job!