Saturday, May 25, 2013

One for Two, or Two For One

I've been spending my time looking for a new apartment, so my sewing time has been limited lately, but I was able to squeeze out a two'fer (you know, two for one) that I finally finished last week.

I made a peplum dress as a peplum top and skirt (two separate pieces.)

I'm happy with the results.

You can find more details on my blog - Currently: Darci


  1. Great outfit. I had a similar thought - not a peplum but a top over a dress that you can wear as an outfit or individual pieces. Love the vibrant colour - that outfit suits you well.

  2. Nice outfit Darci! I've gotta get on the peplum train before it leaves the station.

  3. Hi Darci - it's a lovely outfit, and all credit to you as you are so busy apartment hunting. Not easy to sew when it's sandwiched inbetween other priorities.

  4. Oh, I love it! These look great and so well fitting!