Monday, February 25, 2013

It's Me Made Monday!

Share 'em if you wear 'em! 


  1. Okay let me see if I have this straight: the challenge is to make and wear your own clothing for a year but not to wear only me-made clothing? I can do the first part (and sew, sew, sew all year)and I am so inspired by this challenge. I want to feature this on my blog too...

    1. I guess my question is, can I wear the clothes I've already bought (like my two -year old coat) and make any new clothes, just not buy them?

    2. Hi Nothy,

      Yes, the challenge is to make your own clothing. You may certainly wear "anything" in your wardrobe. We are committing to not purchasing anything for a year. Some will still purchase undergarments, etc. "Me-Made Mondays" is an opportunity to wear something you've made and post it on the blog (you might wear it to work, shopping, etc). "Stitch-Slapped Fridays" showcase garments that went horribly, horribly wrong :-)! I hope that clarifies.... I'll send an email to invite you in...Vita

    3. Do you have to have made the whole outfit or just something in it? I've never sewn a shirt. I've never been short enough on shirts to need to (the punk t-shirt collection from high school has had great longevity), and I have no intention of sewing any shirts any time soon (see "punk t-shirt collection"), but I will be sewing a new skirt soon.

    4. Oh wait I have made a shirt, there just wasn't any sewing involved. I knit a shirt in 4 days last July.