Monday, February 25, 2013

BLOG Roll vs photos

Hi Ladies,

Let me say again how excited Natalea and I are that you've joined the challenge!  I think we're up to a total of 18 sewists (one participant doesn't currently have a blog).  We are both looking forward to sharing and growing in the coming year.  Thanks again to Lynn who introduced "Me-Made Mondays."  "Within-the-challenges" like this one will encourage us to wear and share as we accomplish our goals.  You'll notice a change in the left column of the blog.  Since we had received few images/avatars for our team of sewists, I converted the list to a blog roll which links to your sites and updates as you update your blog...I know, right,, uhhh, DUH!  Yeah, that one falls in the "stitch-slapped" category!  I should have done that from the start.  LOL!!! 

If anyone knows how to and is interested in creating a button for the blog challenge, you're welcome to design it and make it available for us to post on our personal blogs.  I created the stitch-slapped fridays and me-made mondays images in PowerPoint then saved as jpeg files.  I haven't gotten around to coming up with something creative for sewing challenge however.  

Anyway, so glad to have you all on board!  Blessings on your week, Vita....


  1. Welcome to all that have recently joined! It's busy 'round here and I haven't had a chance to personally welcome everyone. I am looking forward to this remarkable journey!