Monday, February 18, 2013

Me Made Monday

Today's outfit,a print top and black pants. The top was made by me last summer and the pants were store bought.
Made from this pattern and a stretch knit fabric from Hancock Fabrics.

This top went together very smoothly. I think it took no more than 3 hours from cut to finish. I didnt have to do any alterations of the pattern because of the stretch fabric. It is a faux wrap,so there is no worry about it coming untied and flashing anyone. I think it is good pattern for any collection,beginner as well as experienced sewers. I believe the wrap style is body friendly to all women. I know I will make this one again


  1. beautiful job on the blouse!it looks great on you!

  2. I agree! It looks beautiful and I love the fabric. I have this pattern, too! I'm looking forward to making it as well. I agree with you about the wrap style...everyone can look great in it! Great job...Vita

  3. I love that fabric and I am so glad I found this blog. What a fabulous challenge. I think you should open your challenge to other sewist bloggers. I think you need to have degrees of challenge to - I don't know if I can sew all my clothes for a year but I could definitely sew half and aim for more than that!

    1. The idea is to sew instead of buy, not to only wear stuff you made. Wearing old clothes is fine. Is that what you mean by "sew half"?