Thursday, February 28, 2013

Welcome to all of the new Ladies!!! + Online Fabric Store

Welcome to all of the new ladies!!! We are getting so many participants and I know this challenge will be so awesome.

I am so sorry that I haven't been posting, but I am really busy preparing for this vow renewal my husband and I are having on Next Saturday. Yes!!! Next Saturday!! It came around so fast. Marvita and I have been hard at work trying to complete my dress and because I am a do-it-yourselfer I have a number of other projects that I am trying to complete for the wedding to include flowers, programs, and planning. I am wearing all of my friends out (BTW, they all are so awesome). I will post pictures of the dress and all of my DIY projects for the wedding as soon as it is over with. I don't think that my husband checks my blog, but I can't be too sure.

I also wanted to mention that I entered a contest last week with Online Fabric Store and I won a $50 gift certificate. The giveaway required contestants to share what we plan to do for our spring projects and I shared and won. I still haven't decided what I am going to do with my card because I had already purchased Silk Charmeuse for my dress and Chiffon for draping from their store. I think I will use it to purchase the items needed to make my son's quilt.

Anyway, welcome again to our new ladies! We are a month away from starting our journey so don't forget to load up on fabric, patterns, notions and anything else you'll need.

Until then, Happy Sewing


  1. Natalea, your vow renewals sound wonderful. WHat a beautiful tribute to each other! And congrats on your fabric store credit. I noticed it's a US store - if you do some cross border shopping you can have your parcel shipped to Niagara Falls NY (most of these store ship within the US free). JUst google "US post box for Cdns" and it will come it. The company will charge you a dollar for using their box. I just thought you might want this option since fabric can be heavy and costly to ship.

  2. Thank you! We are very excited! Actually, we are located in the US, in the Souutheast area. Marvita recently bought it to my attention that for some reason it is showing that we are located in Canada in some cases. With that said, I think we may have people participating from all over so Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Hi Natalea - yes, I think it is wonderful that you are renewing your vows - it's so easy to slip into the humdrum of life and take for granted those people that are special to us. You are forgiven for not posting! - but looking forward to hearing more about your special day afterwards. Thanks to you and Vita for organising this challenge.

  4. Natalea, Congrats on both occasions. I can't wait to see the completed dress.