Friday, March 1, 2013

Sewing your own wardrobe challenge - plans already

  • I look forward to meeting everyone taking part in this challenge - and wish you all the best of luck.
I think this will be a great opportunity to make some of those garments you really have been meaning to make, and for me, at least, a chance to use up some of the huge stash that has taken over my house, my life etc.  I am using March to join another challenge - you'll find that on the post before this one on my blog, called, unimaginatively (but then my imagination has got me into planning too many projects that will never happen, so practicality rules today!) "Fitted blouse contest on PR".

I'm also thinking about what I shall make for the start (April 2013) of sew your own wardrobe for a year challenge.  I recently saw a great pair of RTW trousers in a patterned stretch twill.  Normally I wouldn't wear patterned trousers, but this was a conservative label, and they looked fantastic. They were paired with a royal blue trench.  I've got a trench a never wear (because I don't have anything to really go with it) so I rushed to my local fabric store - because I had seen a fabric very similar some months ago - and yes, they still had some - better still, being sold off!
Stretch cotton drill.

I have a pattern already purchased that may work for these trousers - like everyone, I have challenges fitting pants. I'll try it out.
Kwik Sew 3540

Time to go and do some sewing now for the fitted blouse contest (and if anyone wants details, please visit

Sarah Liz:)


  1. Hi, I'm not sure if we are supposed to post directly here or not - if not, just let me know. I'm not sure how all this works, so if I have done the wrong thing, let me know. Also, I'm not listed on the blog list as a lady who has taken up the challenge - am I supposed to do something here? I'm a bit confused!

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for pointing it out; I have added you to the challenge list. I apologize for overlooking it. You may certainly post directly on the blog. We appreciate you spreading the word about the challenge, too, and we're looking forward to seeing the garments you create. We're encouraging the team to post one or two pics and a brief description once a garment is completed. Be sure to include a link to your blog (or the pattern review site) so that we can follow up on full details. Have fun! Sew blessed, Vita

  2. our Hancocks has been having big sales on all of the patterns the last three weeks, I've got a few that will take me out of my comfort zone lol!I've done craft shows for nearly 30 years so I'm having to re teach myself to make peopel cloths lol!

    *Sarah, Vita or Natalea will get your link on the sidebar

  3. Thanks Vita and Nanna - I thought I was on the right track, but it's good to make sure! Thanks for adding me to the side bar. This is going to be a really exciting challenge.

  4. I also note the request for pictures and brief description of finished garment - I'll make sure I keep to the tone of your blog and edit unnecessary details - the link can take people to that info. Thanks for the sew blessing!

  5. Can anyone join this challenge or is this a particular group of individuals? I am a new sewer but I like the challenge as it encourages me to sew more. What are the restrictions to joining this group?


    1. Hi Cezanne! We would love to have you join us.... I have added your blog to the team roster. Please post an email address and I will invite you as a blog author to post. ...Thrilled to have you on the journey! Vita