Tuesday, March 5, 2013


A huge SHOUT OUT to Marie at Code it Pretty for her concise and easy to follow instructions on how to create a button for Blogger!  I tried several other techniques before I found hers...she's awwwwwsome!!!  She has great info over there for maintaining blogs.  Please check her out when you get some time.  I blog elsewhere as well, so she will certainly be a "go-to" resource.  

So, we now have a Challenge Button.  Feel free to copy the code and spread the word on your blogs.  I'm soooo excited!!!  Only 26 days remaining before the "official start" of our journey....  

I have been assisting Natalea with her Vow Renewal dress.  She has given me permission to share photos beginning Saturday evening.  I've tried to chronicle our journey with photos.  She's pretty "fearless" when it comes to the whole "who needs a stinkin' pattern" mindset.  Since I provided her first and only sewing lesson, I feel an obligation to acquiesce, smile, and wave...smile, and wave!  LOL!  Have a great week, Vita


  1. yea! I knew you could do it!

  2. Hi Vita - well done!! I'm sure it still took a little bit of working out on your part though. Thanks for the link to Code it Pretty - I actually had on my list "find out how to make blog buttons" because sometime before the end of 2013 I want to learn how to do this - so you've helped all of us that are curious about blog buttons.

  3. Thanks for making the button and for the shout out to Code It Pretty. I'll definitely check the site out.

    You know you're the now de facto formal dress queen, right? =) I would love to enlist your help for my 20-year high school reunion dresses needed for August. The first is a cocktail dress for the opening mixer, the second is for the formal dinner the next night.