Saturday, March 23, 2013

My New Jeans_Vita

I wore them with heels to a concert Friday night!  Whoo hoo!

I still need to put the button on...LOL!!

I would and will sew it again and again!!  In fact, I plan to make several of the views in a few more colors. I also love doing all of the topstitching. However, I'm not a fan of topstitching thread. It jams in the machine and you only get 60 yds on a spool. What a rip off!!! I wound two bobbins and had just enough thread for the pocket details. I might try an embroidery thread next time. Despite that, I love this pattern and appreciate the "rise" at the waistline. Vogue has a similar pattern with a straight leg and boot cut option; however, the rise is 2" below the waistline. Frankly, I'd end up giving "muffin top" a whole new dynamic if I used that pattern.


  1. oh my word those turned out fantastic!you did an awsome job on making those!

  2. Hi Vita - not only are they well stitched but they fit you very nicely. I tried that pattern and it is not good for my shape, but they do work on you, so I am so pleased for you. And you have already enjoyed wearing them somewhere. Well done.

  3. I seem to remember reading that Guterman upholstery thread works better than their topstitching thread, can't quite remember. Try having a look at Peter's blog (Male Pattern Boldness), he hosted a jeans sew along awhile back. It may have been in the comments. I hope this helps.