Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Professor PinCusion...

Hi Team,

I came across this site hosted by McCall's Patterns: Professor Pin Cushion!  It has a few great videos for beginning and seasoned sewers.  I reviewed the denim video this morning and found it very helpful.  I will be adding denim to my to do list in the coming year, so I've been on the hunt for info that will increase my skill set.  Check it out, and tell what you think!  Vita 


  1. Ya know, a great first denim project is a pair of jeans. =) I'll sew along with you. Come onnnnnnnnnnnn...

  2. jeans L ? lol that's way out of my comfort box lol!

  3. LOL...cheeky you.... I'm in! I have Jalie 2908, Butterick 5682, and Vogue 8774. I also picked up Vogue 1036 (denim jacket). Maybe that can be my first project for April....

    1. I am totally biased for J2908. I've made it 8 times, so I know the pattern quite well.

      Nanna, if you can sew a pair of pants, you can definitely sew jeans.