Monday, July 1, 2013

A Shirt for my Mister

My Mister is very supportive of my sewing (and knitting, and beading), he is a great enabler, very patient . . . . and deserving of a new shirt.  So I made him one.  Ta dah!!

This is my first shirt and I am really pleased with it.  I used Kwik Sew K3422, which was free when I bought a Craftsy Shirt-making Class.  I also referred to a You Tube video by Jacqueline Johnson - it was really helpful when it came to attaching the collar.  She demonstrated how to sew these in such a great way that my collar fitted and looked great on the first attempt.  I used the same technique also on the cuffs.  Perfect!

I did not make any changes to the pattern - I (traced and) cut out a large and sewed it without any alterations, including using the 1/4" seams.  I know that some people have found these small seams fiddly, but I found that (a) with my 1/4" quilting foot they were quick and easy to sew, and that (b) I had hardly any trimming.

I am really pleased with this shirt - as is my Mister!  There is room for improvement, but, in his words 'it looks like I bought it, and I'm saying that in a good way'.  Bless.  OK, I'll make you another!!

More details on my blog, on Pattern Review and lots of pics on Flickr!


  1. wow that is fantastic for your first shirt! and looks as great as a retail one, you did good!

  2. If they say it looks just like a bought one I am afraid it's the slippery slope - shirt no. 12 part made ha ha - you did a great job looks fantastic