Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Some finished garments for my wardrobe

On the weekend I finished a jacket and a cardigan to go with a dress that I had sewn but not posted about. So 3 items to go into the sewing my own clothes wardrobe.

The wardrobe is growing.

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  1. Hi BeaJay - I love this little wardrobe - having a plan so everything works together is a great idea as well - it looks as though that is what you are also doing.

  2. Hi BeaJay...I know what you mean - "the wardrobe is growing". This has been THE best challenge! Two great pieces you've added to your wardrobe. I love the cardigan. Something I should make more of! Nice work!

  3. you've been on a sewing roll! your wardrobe is coming along nicely!

  4. First, what a fabulous cardigan. I bet that becomes a wardrobe staple! Bravo!

    This challenge has been great - it has improved my sewing like no other and I've saved more money to spend on fabrics. BTW, is anyone going to the Toronto Meet Up on Aug 10th - details on my blog if you are in the GTA...