Saturday, July 13, 2013


I've been trying to get my sewing room to have that aww kinda feeling for  ywo years now, yea that's a long time, I know lol! when hubby went to work yesterday morning at 5am I got up, made my coffee & headed for the sewing room & that's where I stayed till that evening around 5pm, no joke, I hammered, I hung, I tweaked, I took out, I put in, I ironed, I dusted, you name it I did it lol! whew!

but I gotta go in there & make me two capri outfits for our dolphin cruise we're going on this coming week & whatever else we can get into lol! if you'd like to see more of my sewing room, visit my raggedies blog


  1. Love the fabric choices--can't wait to see the outfit posts!

  2. From the time I taught myself to sew until my late 40s, I sewed nearly everything I wore. I made my son's rompers as a baby and toddler and all of my daughter's dresses until middle school when she wanted to look like all the other girls. She did love to design her prom and dance dresses for me to make. I love to sew, but my eyes finally refused to help when I made a mistake and tried to rip out the thread. Now I focus on pillows, napkins, table runners, etc.

    I still love to look through fabric stores and can't wait to make baby clothes if either of my kids ever decides to have children.

    Have fun making your outfits.