Friday, July 5, 2013


I've been wanting to learn how to make a good fitting yoga band for months.  I'd tried it before, but with less than satisfiable results.  Well I tried it again yesterday, and this time it worked.  Only thing is, I might have made the band just a little bit snug, but it is completely wearable.
Here's a picture of the skirt with the 8 1/2" band fully extended up.  I like that I finally found out how to make the band curve inward in the side seams.

and a picture with the band rolled down as it will be worn.
The skirt has a lettuce hem treatment which I find completely suitable for a casual knit garment.  My plan was to wear it with my 3rd Briar top.
I'm not sure yet; I like the skirt, and I really like the top, but I'm not absolutely sure that I like the two together.  On the dressform it looks a bit matronly - and I sure don't want to emit that persona.  We'll see.  If it doesn't work I can always find another top for the skirt, and wear the Briar with something else.   These two pieces used up 3 1/2 yards of stashed fabric. 


  1. Yes, sometimes our plans to put things together don't work, but sooner or later something will.

  2. love the print! the top looks fine, maxi's tend to look great dressed up or dressed down, go with what you like & what makes you feel good!

  3. Hi this fabric and your skirt(for some reason I can't access your blog at work so I'm commenting here)! I want to see you in this maxi skirt :-)! Nice work!