Monday, July 1, 2013

No clothes shopping!!!

This must be a first for me! I am on school holidays and in the past have always just loved popping out and picking up a few new clothes ready for the new school term. But now that I have Joined the Challenge: Sew My Own Wardrobe I have had to resist the call of the shops.
So instead, my first new top for next term at work is...

...the fairly popular KwikSew 3915 long sleeved top. The feature neck detail grabbed my attention, as did the higher back neckline - the winter winds are blowing here! Though it is difficult to see the neck feature with this print - see, I just can't see 'me' wearing this all-over!

Head over to my blog at made by J to read about my thoughts on this top. All good in the end, but the old quick-unpick did make a cutting appearance as I modified the pattern!

I have plans on making another one, as the fit is perfect on me with the higher neckline. It sits smoothly under a jacket and perfect for matching with a number of bottoms. 

Next up on my list is trying Vogue 8721 - for no other reason than I really like the look of View D! 


  1. doesn't it seem there's cute cloths everywhere since we signed up? lol! we're going on a dolphin cruise in a few weeks so looks like I've got some sewing to do lol!, you've chooen some great patterns, happy sewing!

  2. I love the top you made. And I'm doing the sew-your-own -clothes-challenge and I can't believe how much money I've saved. I may just have to treat myself to a good sewing machine when this is over (the year is over that is, I may just keep up the challenge...)

  3. It is a smart top Judith, great for work, wash and wear I think, but still smart :)

  4. This looks so professional! I love it!