Sunday, June 16, 2013

VOGUE 1282

... I'm calling this one my "Better Late than Never" top because I've been wanting to make this top since it first came out last summer.  Well the time to make it finally came.

VOGUE 1282
Alterations made to the pattern:
  • raised the weirdly shaped armhole, 
  • eliminated gaping at the back center seam,
  • raised the elongated neckline,

What a Weirdly shaped pattern!  Two gigantic pattern pieces that are taped together to make one piece that actually turns out to be the back and front of the top and a armhole facing that's all.  I used a seriously mysteryfied WalMart fabric from le good old STASH - 1 1/2 yards, don't know what in the world it is.  Just knew it was a two way stretch knit and nothing that I would ever consider using for an actual garment so it fit the practice category.   I like the top.  And will be making another one as soon as I make a fabric choice.

Commencing with this top I'm using my high bust measurement for pattern sizing.  I know, should have been using that measurement all along, I've read it, but it was so hard to make that change for some reason.  I'll be able to get a much better fit through the shoulders and bust area.  This sewing thing is ever evolving... 


  1. Hi Faye - you are adventurous - that is a very, very drapey top - does it look good on - I'm assuming so :) Always a good idea to do a test run first.

  2. What is a high bust measurement?