Friday, June 7, 2013

So, sew, so......

... what have I been up to??? Well, with work, not much. But I did squeeze in the chance to make an evening dress to wear to my son's Formal Ball a few weekends back.  Held at the brand spanking new Royal Convention Centre in Brisbane, the event was spectacular. Never having made a dress of this calibre before I spent many a day thinking, do I? Don't I?  Well I made up my mind quick enough after visiting a few more 'upmarket-stores' in Brisbane, the popping beads, and faded fabric soon made up my mind that I was to make this dress myself.

In my little stash of goodness I had both Vogue 1182 and Butterick 5542, lines I have admired, and wished to whip up. But with the scares on my back the Butterick number wasn't to be. So what was I to do, but merge the two together - so this is the Vogue top on the Butterick bottom. Morphing at its best. 
Not sure why Butterick is blurry!!!
The fabric is from Sckaf's, Indooropilly. A beautiful midnight navy satin sateen with cotton lining (we are talking Brisbane here!) And may I take the time to thank the staff at Sckaf's! I have never met more obliging women. They tried many trim combinations with different colour fabrics, purely so that I would be happy. Little did they know after being in the dress stores of designers where I was up for many $$$, I was keen for just about anything. 
Like most reviews online, I narrowed down the collar on the Vogue, just like the picture. Really, the picture on the cover and the pattern piece are not the same.  To 'enhance' the collar section, and to give a bit of age appropriate bling (well, we are all girls at heart) I sewed a little silver bead in the middle of each rose on the collar, and this was just enough 'lift' for the evening. And from this I matched a pair of delicate silver earrings, necklace and evening bag to carry the look off.
All in all a great night, a great dress and great memories. That is what sewing is all about. So another addition to Sew My Own Wardrobe for a year - this time last year I would have picked up a dress from the shops, and been half happy with it. Instead, thanks to Vita and Natalea from Join the Challenge, I am 110% happy with my dress - huge hugs, ladies!
Now whilst I made a full length dress for this formal occasion, wearing it again will be a rarity in my world. And when I do need another long formal dress I won't want to wear the same one twice! After all, I am a sewer. So the big plan is to chop the bottom off, whizz the sides back in, and add a vent up the back to create a cocktail length dress that I will wear a  little more often. And I have one spare little feature flower that I was thinking of attaching to the top of the back vent.

Hiding away inside my little sewing cave are a few more 1/2 started, or 1/2 finished garments that I must complete. Will post them up soon...J


  1. Its a super dress Judith - a lot of work has gone into it, even though you haven't really said much about that:) It's a good idea to make it more wearable at the end.

  2. Stunning dress. That's a lovely photo with your son too.

  3. What a great dress and a lovely memory to have with that photo.