Sunday, June 9, 2013


..but the fit is great!  So as I continue working on my idea of a perfect Summer Breezes Wardrobe, I've had visions of adding a simple stripped garment to the collection.    Just so happened that I do have a small collection of stripped knits stashed.  So I reached WAY back into my pattern collection and pulled out an old but goody

for a good fitting basic tee shirt.  One of the reasons I like this simple pattern is that it has no bust dart.  I detest making darts in knit fabrics because they just never press well - IMO.  This pattern is dartless.  I have also often wondered why some knit patterns have center back seams.  I use to think that it was senseless.   Little did I know that the center back seam lends itself to better fitting options - found this out during the Essential Tops Sew-A-Long several months go.  Thus my motto:  you live and learn, or so it should be.

I plan to wear my blue and white 3/4 length sleeved stripped t-shirt with a pair of traditional navy bell bottom pants that I made during my Pant's Marathon last month but never posted. 

I used a twin needle for the hems after deciding on hemming with white rather than blue.

It's just a  plain and simple tee shirt, but just what I needed to go with my bells bottoms.


  1. I was the same with centre back seams. I always cut on the fold - until I had to cut a centre back seam to be able to use the fabric and lo and behold - it had "Shaping!"

    Great job. Stripes look very classy.

  2. Hi Ladies - I haven't made my first t-shirt yet, but you two have taught me what to do :) Thanks a lot - and Faye, it is a lovely top and will work beautifully with your collection.