Thursday, December 5, 2013


I wanted to make a trendy, glitzy, baseball like glam tee so I went with this pattern:

Vogue 8670 view B but added the long sleeve
The fabrics:  a glitzy silver drenched stretch knit that I found in the bridal section of Hancock's for 50% off and a black matte jersey

Back View

I'm not much of a bling girl, but I felt like adding something sparkly to my closet.  The bottom hem is blind stitched, and I just turned up and machine hemmed the sleeve.  I was very unorthodox with this top in that I omitted the bust darts because I HATE bust darts in knit garments.  I didn't fold them out, but rather stitched the side seam and worked out the difference at the hem.  Told you, very unorthodox, but I really don't think it makes that much difference at all.

Per the pattern directions the neckband is double stitched on, then the seam just pressed down.  Duh!, how's that supposed to keep the seam down in place when wearing???

I think I'll be storing this top in a ziplock bag and in a drawer because sparkly stuff is already all over me,  my sewing room and everywhere else for that matter.  So there it is, my contribution to the world of glitz for the season...


  1. Love your bling. And yes the glitter does get everywhere doesn't it.

  2. nice blouse! I have a secren I know that's spelled wrong lol but anyways I hang it wrong side out, you might try that if you'd like to hang it, you could also hang a bag over it, perhaps a smal clear trash bag, I like the ziplock option too!