Sunday, September 8, 2013


... Butterick 5554
I traced and altered the pattern at points I thought would make a better fit, like:
  • Raise the neckline 1 inch
  • Extend the shoulder seams 3/4 inch, that included extending the front and back neck facings
  • Added three inches to the length of the dress
I used I used interfaced poly-interlock for the facings because I thought self facings would create too much bulk since my dress in made from pontederoma.   Even though I added 3" the dress it was barely long enough for my liking.  So I added a stretch lace hem facing and just barely turned up the hem.  I did not like to look of machine topstitched hems so I opted to hem by hand.   Another surprise was not having to use a zipper, yeahhhh!   Things just worked out, and it's a perfect fit!

I used black pontederoma for the sleeves and base of the dress, and snow leopard for the center panel for an on trend look, both from my stash.  The dress is unlined.

Choose solid black for the back of the dress.

This is the third fall/winter dress of my collection, and there may be two or three more coming up....


  1. nice combination of fabrics, I've looks at those patterns in the pattern books but shy away form them, maybe if I found one in retail & tried it on but then I may not wantta see that lol!

  2. Great dress Faye. Love the contrast fabrics.

  3. the more I think about this dress the more I think I've seen that pattern somewhere, so I look through my patterns & I have it but it's a Simplicy with sleeves & a zipper, is that a sign to make it ? lol!