Thursday, March 6, 2014

Simplicity 2151 - Linear polka dots!

It's a wild print, but I went for it!

I love Princess seams--they are my favorite. The sleeve detail is nice, and the collar style is my second favorite (shawl collars are my favorite). The length of the top is great for slacks. It's roomy without being too loose. The fit is "Amazing Fit" series.

I used a Silky print, but I would love to make it in a print that has just a bit of stretch.

 The "Amazing Fit" series is great and offers alternate bra cup sizes. That's why I chose it. The fit really is great.

Good staple top as a wardrobe builder. I could do with a red, black, and white version of this.


  1. nice! I have that pattern & it was the princess seams that drew me lol! I haven't made it yet, you know....those buttonholesl ! lol! there's a lot I've learned this year a lot I've re learned but still a lot I haven't revisited like buttonhoels lol!



  2. I love it! You have such great style. Bravo!