Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jeans #9 Tips & Resources

I'm still working on the jeans, but I had to break to handle some mechanical failures around the house.  In the meantime, I'd like to share some resources for sewing jeans.  I am by no means a guru and pick up ideas from the vast amount of information that's available online.  

  • For a good collection of general sewing tips, visit the first page of the Jeans Tips and Tricks thread on Pattern Review.  The link provides information about types of denim fabric, patterns, notions, and construction.  You can find a list of jeans sew alongs that were hosted on Pattern Review by searching "jeans sew along" on the message boards. 
  • There are a couple of pairs of PR members whose jeans I simply adore.  I love the details added to make their jeans unique.
    • Elizabeth made this:  Check out the button placket on the leg!  Elizabeth's review is very well written and has lots of good information.
    • Raye Anne:  The piping around the pockets is SO cute!  The shaped back pocket flap is something I definitely want to try.
    • Margaret:  Margaret always writes the most informative and helpful reviews.  She has a great eye for fit and documents the process very clearly.  Her clothes are impeccably made and fit her well.
    • Scheryka:  I like how Scheryka mixed mediums to create an interesting back pocket design.
  • When thinking of designing pockets, I do a Google search on "jeans pockets" and look through the photos that pop up.  Sometimes I search for simple geometric designs and improvise from there.
  •  I buy a lot of my sewing supplies from Cleaner's Supply.  The prices can't be beat and the customer service is great.  I order by mail since I find their online store to be a bit cumbersome.   Shipping is only $3.83 for orders under $100.  They sell a wide ranges of zippers, Gutterman thread, buttons, needles, industrial sewing machine feet, seam rippers, etc.  If you buy in bulk, the price per item is less. 
    • For jeans, I like to use the 4.5" metal pant zipper, though I have used the 5" metal jeans zipper.  The 5" zipper is a little wider and heavier than the 4.5".  The pull tab is slightly bigger too.  I've not had a problem with either zipper, though I tend to favor the 4.5".
    • Both of Gutterman's regular and topstitching threads are reasonably priced and quite strong.  
    • I use mostly MaxiLock serger thread and find the prices and availability of colors quite reasonable here.  
Hmm...the hazard of writing a blog post and not publishing it on the same day it is written is the tendency to forget what to say!  So this is all all for now.  The front pockets are almost finished and I hope to have a new update soon.

Until next time, peace!


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  1. Hi L, I've got to make a pair of jeans this year so thank you for these tips, which are going to come in handy :)