Sunday, March 10, 2013

Stitchslapped: BWOF 9-2009-137

I've officially deemed this skirt a stitchslap.  I tried to slap it back, but that didn't go too well.

These photos make it look as if I don't press my seams.  I do, really I do!  I spend as much time at the iron as I do at the machine.  Alas, garments out of this fabric were not meant to be.  Remember this one?  Slap slap!

I'm over both of these wadders and have now started working on a pair of jeans.  Mmmmmm...denim. 



  1. maybe the print's too busy? over all it looks nice as well as the skirt, I'm sure I'll get a lot of slaps when this challenge starts up next month lol!

  2. Hi L -don't punish yourself - just learn from it (there's a whole lot of that going on around these sewing blogs, lol's). it looks a little as though the problem is the fabric - its puckering a bit even even where there is not a seam. Good luck with the denim jeans. I'll be doing that sort of thing during our year challenge (unless I change my mind, which frequently happens!)

  3. Don't be blue. One wadder after all those fabulous successful tops,jackets,jeans ect. You will rock the next project.

  4. Thanks for the support everyone! I'm over the skirt and just know that this fabric in a light color is not meant to be.