Monday, February 4, 2013

Me-Made Monday (4 Feb)

Today I wore another pair of Jalie jeans.  The wrapped top and tank are both RTW. 

To get my sewjo back on track, I think I'll make another pair.  Anyone want in?  This won't be a formal sew along.  Rather, a stitch here...a stitch there...and before you know it, a pair of jeans!  I'm going to try and record how much time it takes from the first cut to hammering the button since people always ask me how long it takes to make a pair.  I'll also try to blog about the process for each leg of the journey.  Hah..leg...get it?  Okay...corniness is over...for now.



  1. You look marvelous in those perfectly fitting jeans. I was reading an article in Oprah magazine about the "perfect" jeans. I think you may have save about $200.00.

  2. I agree with Lisa, you look fantastic! I love the jeans. I see I have to order Jalie online. No one in our area carries the patterns....