Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stitchslapped: McCall's 5523 (L)

Introducing the first stitchslapped garment of 2013:  McCall's 5523.  

The pattern is fine.  In fact, I've made it before with no problems at all.  The failure of this garment stems from not knowing how to handle the fabric.  I used a rayon-poly-lycra stretch woven suiting and could not reconcile all of the wrinkles.  They mostly appear at seam line which points to one of two problems:  wrong needle size or an inconsistency in how taut the fabric was while sewing.  Likely, a combination of both issues contributed to the demise of this skirt, though I think the needle size may be more to blame.  I'm working on a jacket made of the same material and don't see any of these problems since switching to a smaller, sharper needle.

Will I wear this skirt?  Meh.  I don't know.  I'll try it on with a couple of tops and/or jackets and see how I like it.

I don't give up easily and intend to try the fabric again in another pattern.  I've cut out BWOF 9-2009-137 and hope to get to it within the next couple of days.  This time I'll use a 75/11 microtex needle and press the seams open. We'll see how this turns out!



  1. Oh my!! At least you've been getting a lot of things done....even though they haven't turned out the way you wanted them to.

  2. Awww...too bad. I hope your jacket turns out well. I have this pattern as well. At least you're working it out and moving forward....

  3. Don't laugh, but could you do some stitching as a surface-design treatment? I see two paths: either even (walking foot, straight-lined) quilting with perhaps an iron-on but drapey stabilizer underneath. Or, a light dusting of free-motion stitching in even a neat, subtle metallic thread? You've come so far and it's a great look. Maybe needs a little embellishing, is all.

  4. I know the feeling all to well, but don't think of it as a failure but as a learning experience. looking forward to your next item.