Thursday, December 27, 2012

Inventory *all* of my fabric? Um...

That's a challenge all by itself. =)  My fabric is stored in plastic bins and sorted according to type (knits, bottom-weights, silk, cotton, stretch cotton, linen, etc.)  I have only a partial record of yardages and do not anticipate this becoming a full record anytime soon! 

Patterns, on the other hand, are arranged in numerical order according to company.  I keep an organized folder of pattern pictures on my computer that's easily accessible.  How many patterns are there?  Let's not go there.

Let's just say that I have plenty of fabric and patterns that should not pose any problem with me participating in the challenge.  Time, on the other hand...


1 comment:

  1. L, I have the same issue with all of my fabric in bins. I found a 5 shelf bookshelf at Walmart for $27. I will use that to organize all of my fabric. Right now I don't know what I have. Lol